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After leading Wolsey District for three years Steve Leach is to relinquish the role of District Commissioner.

Wolsey District will be moving into its next phase of development and we are looking for a new District Commissioner, a volunteer manager who will ensure it is led, supported and developed ensuring young people get the best quality Scouting possible.

How can you help?

A Search Group has been formed to assist the County Commissioner in the search for a new District Commissioner.  We know there are some amazing people out there and we want to ensure as far as possible everyone gets the opportunity to nominate those they feel could effectively undertake this role.

You are invited to contribute to the search by submitting a nomination, or multiple nominations of those whom you feel should be considered for this important and rewarding role. You may put yourself forward for consideration too. Further details are available on the link for Volunteer Vacancies under 'About Us' on this webpage.