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Sounding a little like movie sequels, the recent Tier 2, Tier 4 and Lockdown 3 periods have all attracted local government restriction grants, totalling almost £8,000 for groups with their own HQ, who have a rateable value to their premises, even if you don’t pay business rates.

For those without your own HQ, who rent a village hall or something similar, or a Unit renting from a Scout Group for example, there is the opportunity to get funding from the Youth Covid-19 Support Fund, which has a £16.5m funding pot.

You can apply here -  DCMS Youth Covid-19 Support Fund Applicant Portal (pwc.com), deadline is now 19 February 2021 (changed from 12th Feb 29/01/21) If you receive money from this source, it can be used towards paying membership (capitation) fees. Your District Commissioner, Deputies and District Treasurer have more details and will be happy to assist you.