Suffolk County Council are urging schools to adopt additional measures to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid 19. They are encouraging schools to limit visitors to only those necessary and have asked staff and children to wear face coverings in communal areas and parents to do the same when collecting. 

Scouts in Suffolk are now asking you to do the same, otherwise we risk undoing all the good work by schools and endanger the health, safety and wellbeing of our volunteers and youth members alike. 

We ask that you review your risk assessments with this in mind and strongly urge you to take sensible, practical measures as you see fit. 

The Suffolk Water Activities Team have now published the programme of events and training courses for 2022.  You can find all the details for each event on the 'bookwhen' links on the Water Activities page under Adventurous Activites on the main menu or on the link below.

Water Activities Team

Over the two days there will be stands providing information and ideas on a variety of topics, including programme and training at the Hallowtree Activity Centre on November 20th/21st.

The weekend will give an opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, chat and chill out together, share ideas and have some fun. Over the two days you can come and go as you wish, stay for an hour, half a day or a whole day. If one day isn’t enough, come back for the second. 

In recent weeks, Suffolk has seen a sharp rise in cases of Covid 19, particularly in children. Suffolk County Council Public Health have instructed that additional measures must be in place in some schools to help reduce the spread of Covid -19. 

These additional measures have not been imposed on Scouts at present, but we are required to assess all risks to the health and safety of our members, and to continually monitor hazards, and adjust our measures in place to control that risk. 

Scouts has provided lots of guidance for us to follow. Key things to help us all stay safe include;

Hello everyone,

Just in case anyone has not heard, or would appreciate a reminder, the closing date for Applications and Nominations is 12.00 on 22nd October 2021.

I attach a copy of the CC Vacancy Pack and, links (below) to the electronic Application and Nomination Smartforms for your information and ease of responding:

If anyone would like a chat before applying 😊 please let me know - contact details are included in the Vacancy pack.

As the warmth of September fades into the more autumnal weather of October, Scouting in Suffolk continues to thrive. Leader training is increasing as Leaders return to sections. Plans for activities next year are developing well and there is much to look forward to.

YouShape Award Launch

The new badge, one basic design but with different colours for each section, has 4 parts with the outer ring elements for Lead, Plan and Represent activities added as they are completed. Progress is not transferable between sections as each has different requirements.

Read more about the new You Shape award here.

Strong Growth in Adult Volunteers