Could you show your stripes and be a World Scout Jamboree Unit Leader? Apply Now!

I'm really pleased to be announcing that leader applications for the Suffolk World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) Unit are now open, and you may be just the person we are looking for!

We're so excited that Suffolk has been allocated 4 patrols to become part of the UK contingent to the 25th World Scout Jamboree in Korea during 2023.

That means we need to recruit 4 adult volunteers to become the Unit leadership Team who make sure that our 36 young people will be empowered to be bold and brave to make the most of the life-shaping experience the WSJ will provide.

You could make the difference for someone like Harriet who attended the last WSJ in North America. "Our leaders, Ollie, David and Angela were awesome. Thanks to them our unit, 'The Suffolk Teagulls', were able to bond together as a second family. They made us feel at ease - it was like we had all known each other for years which was amazing as I had never met anyone in the unit before my journey to the 24th WSJ had begun. Our leaders enabled us to experience and participate in the adventure of a lifetime. We couldn't have done it without them!"

We're supporting the the UK contingent's vision to be the most inclusive UK contingent to attend a WSJ. There should be no unneccessary barriers to anyone becoming part of our Unit Leadership Team.

  • Never been to a Jamboree before? - That's OK!
  • Not an Explorer Scout Leader? - Absolutley no problem..
  • Never been on  a plane? - Step forward tiger!

The UK contingent is not shying away from challenging the perceptions of who an adult jamboree volunteer is, so if you're prepared to Think Big, Dream Wild and Act Together, why not leap at the opportunity to apply to join our team?

This is an adult role, and considering prior experience, the UK Contingent advise Unit Leaders, Deputies and Assistant should be at least 18 years old by 1st January 2022.


Considering It?

Applications are open until noon on 15th August 2021 for candidates interested in these roles

  • Unit Leader
  • Deputy Unit Leader
  • Assistant Unit Leaders

We're welcoming written or video applications. Whatever type of application you make, you need will need to complete the WSJ25 - Application Form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by noon on 15th August 2021

Here are the key dates:

  • 15th August 2021 (noon) - all applications must be received
  • 21st August 2021 - our aim to inform the shortlisted candidates
  • 12th September 2021 - Our planned selection event at Hallowtree Activity Centre (IP10 0JP). Please contact us if this date or vunue would be a problem for you.

I'm really looking forward to reading (or watching) your application, so best of luck to you! If you are unsure of anything or have any questions, please let me know.

Karen Pettitt

ACC International